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General Description: The MAGEC™ Leased Fleet Management System is a cloud-based, database-controlled system for managing fleets of vehicles and equipment ranging in size from tens to thousands of units. It is designed to support a business environment that consists of: - An unlimited number of Vehicles - Online portal from which Managers and Supervisors can access pertinent information - Ultra-powerful online search capability on every field of data in any database - Complete online management of all processes with login security control - Self-Auditing database - Full detailed Audit Trails of all database modifications - Automatic Database Backup with Backup & Restore Management built in - Online help for every screen, function, and data field and more. It features: - Automatic notifications of optimal time to roll over leases on each vehicle - Automatic alerts of potential problem events or safety recalls - Automatic notification of time to renew registrations, imminent warranty expiration, safety recalls, preventative maintenance, etc. - Route Optimization for up to 81 stops - Server-based storage and retrieval of all critical documents ...and much more. The system is built entirely on a powerful SQL database platform that provides extremely fast performance of very complex processes within a normalized database architecture. While that may have little meaning to many not familiar with database architecture, it means that the system was designed from the ground up for maximum flexibility and capability to manage extremely complex situations.